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In times of the pandemic, people had to deal with completely new experiences. It was a time when people died while others fought the loss of existence, and other people supported coping efforts while others fought against it. COVID-19 has shown us many new sides of ourselves and taught us how vulnerable we are as a society.
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About the

Daniela Grabner
talents: illustration, dance, diving
Since this project aims to translate very ambivalent feelings from times of lockdown into emotional images, we were looking for someone with whom we could create an artistic visual language. There couldn't have been a better talent than Daniela. She understood our idea from the very first moment and supported us in realizing a creative project that should be socially critical on the one hand and forgiving on the other. Corona had brought out so many different faces in us. That's why it was important to us to set an example ourselves and to address society without forgetting to be human.

Project Partners

Special thanks go to the supporters of this film and everyone involved in our holistic social project during Corona.

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