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The Moment of Creation

This story is about a visual creator who finds inspiration in the remoteness of nature. In the outdoors, absolute tranquility can transform into pure energy. Everyone has a place that inspires, in this case, it's a place where stories come to life.
Storyboard 1.jpg

Creation of this Story

When we started thinking about how to visualize this kind of story, we actually had a completely different idea, especially in relation to the SUP scenes. But instead of shooting on a mountain lake with crystal clear water and a bright blue sky, we chose a darker atmosphere with heavy rain. We felt this mood could add more drama and consistency to the overall story and result in a more immersive experience.

My Place of

a statement by Markus Brandl
Creative Director at CAPAVY
'Searched and found. It may seem unbelievable, but finding the right place for this film concept brought me back to my roots. I scouted around 15 huts in forests and in the mountains to end up over 200 km from my current home in a region where I spent a large part of my childhood. The long search was finally rewarded by a spot in the middle of nowhere, in the natural habitat of lynx and wolves.'

Project Partners

Special thanks go to the supporters, who are not named here, in order to preserve this special place.

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