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SUP Mountain Experience

This story is about a young woman who loves to be outdoors. It's about that one, very special moment - when you climb the mountain at night and then calmly catch the first rays of sunshine of the day in the middle of a mountain lake. Being alone but one with nature, recharging your batteries and feeling life, that is the goal of this experience

From Idea to

This is a good example of how close storyboard scenes can get to the final shot. The more precise you are in the creation phase, the easier it will be when shooting.
The creation of a film concept always begins with a series of ideas. Every time we develop a new idea, we approach the announced film concept step by step with illustrations. This keeps costs under control as considerations evolve. In our opinion, this is the most efficient way to bring ideas to life and to make creative processes plannable.

About the Athlete

Annika Vossen
sports: biking, hiking, yoga, SUP, fitness
Annika is an adventuress who feels at home in nature. She brings a sense of respect and freedom to our visual story amidst stunning natural surroundings. And so a mountain lake experience is created that is intended to encourage people like her to discover their own thirst for adventure.

photo credits
Simon Gehr


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